Friday 12th May

Star of the week LB6 Week 4

For being very creative and making beautiful collages for her family. Especially for her baby brother Rowen. Lovely work!
For being a great enquirer and communicator this week. She found clues at the Bear’s Cottage and recorded her evidence, then wrote an excellent wanted poster for Goldilocks. Well done!
For being resilient by making great progress with your phonics and sharing more of your ideas on the carpet. Well done!
For being a risk taker when learning to tell the time. You were also principled by listening carefully on the mat.

For being a confident communicator sharing his learning so respectfully and clearly with his mum during his LLC.
For being a creative communicator and risk taker in literacy writing and performing poems with confidence.
For being a creative thinker in learning journey when using recycled paper to create an interactive poster.
For using your thinking skills to create a set of engaging and challenging area questions.