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Friday 7th June

Star of the week LB6 Week 7

For being so kind and caring towards a member of the class, helping him to find his personal belongings and holding his hand on the way to MP3. Thank you for being so thoughtful.
For doing excellent independent learning in maths. You were able to find the missing numbers because you were a brilliant thinker.
For being a polite, respectful, principled, and fun learner all year. You are very clever: believe in yourself!
For a wonderful learning attitude; you are managing your feelings and working hard in your literacy and maths! Well done!
For excellent thinking skills when writing her alien story and using everything around her to improve her own work.
For being the first iCAN learner to complete the multiplication challenge. What an achievement!

For in recognition of your resilience and willingness to take risks throughout the process, culminating in an outstanding final performance.