Our admissions policy

The school year at iCAN begins in August and ends in June, but we accept enrolments throughout the year (up to 31st March for the current academic year). You will be welcomed by a creative, enthusiastic, purpose-filled group of learners and an experienced, knowledgeable and talented team of learning facilitators.

Click here to download our iCAN learner registration form.

Admissions criteria
We will review all registrations for enrolment according to our admissions criteria which include:

  1. Class size
  2. Age of the registering learner
  3. Nationality
  4. Sibling attending iCAN
  5. Special requirements
  6. English language proficiency

1. Class size
We limit learning facilitator to children ratio to 1:20. Should we receive an application for entry to a class which is already full, we will place the child's name on the waiting list for that class, providing the registration fee has been paid.

2. Age of the registering learners
Please provide a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport with their registration form. We accept children into the class containing their age group but will occasionally make exceptions if the child has been assessed by a relevant professional as having additional learning needs and they would benefit from this arrangement and the school and the families agree.

Children should reach the following ages during the academic year to be eligible for our classes:


Our iCAN learners Age reached during academic year (1st August-31st July)
Year 6 11
Year 5 10
Year 4 9
Year 3 8
Year 2 7
Year 1 6
Reception 5
Nursery 4

3. Nationality
We limit the number of learners from individual nationalities to 30% of the total number of learners in each class. The nationality of each child is based on the country of citizenship as shown on the child's passport.

4. Siblings attending iCAN
Priority is given to learners who have brothers or sisters at iCAN. Should a class be full when a child with siblings at iCAN is registered, the child will be placed at the top of the waiting list for that class. They will be offered an interview for the next available space as long as the total number of learners sharing the same nationality in that class will not exceed 30%.

5. Special requirements
We are a non-selective school and aim to accept all learners regardless of their race, religion or gender. However, if we feel we are unable to cater for a child's additional needs because of our school's physical limitations or other considerations such as staffing, we will discuss this with families.

6. English language proficiency
The language of instruction at iCAN is English. All children registering who are over the age of four will be expected to undertake a brief assessment to determine their level of English language proficiency. The school will make the final decision on whether a learner is placed in our EAL programme.

Our admissions procedure

All families of prospective learners must first complete the learner registration form and return it to the school with the registration fee and proof of the child's date of birth and nationality (photocopy of passport/birth certificate). Interested parties can obtain a copy of the learner registration form by visiting the school and collecting an information pack, or they may write, phone or email the office to have a copy sent.

Completed registration forms (with the child's previous school reports attached) should be returned to the office. The school will review completed registration forms according to the admissions criteria listed above.

Prospective learners and their family will be asked to attend a meeting with our Well-being leader. Prospective learners aged four or over and for whom English is a second language may also be asked to undergo a brief assessment to determine their level of English proficiency and EAL requirements.

Following this meeting our Well-being leader will meet with the Principal. At this point a taster session in class would be offered if the application was to proceed.

The Principal will make the final decision about whether iCAN is able to offer the prospective learner a place. Before making a final decision the Principal may also arrange to meet with prospective learners and their family.

Families meet with the School Coordinator to discuss the fee schedule, along with any additional costs.

Prospective learners for classes, which are already full, will be placed on the waiting list. Families will be contacted as soon as a place becomes available.

Families of children registered in classes with places available should read the fee policy and schedule carefully before filling in the registration form.

Completed forms should be returned to the school office with the enrolment fee. (Please see School Fees)

The Principal will agree a date on which learners may begin classes when their registration form and fees have been received, at which time the first installment of school fees should also be paid.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to iCAN. For more information on admissions or to arrange a tour, please visit the school office or contact the school at or on +855 (0)23 222 416-8.
Click here to download our iCAN learner registration form.