Our Vision


To inspire every child to recognise their full potential, believe they can make a difference
and respect themselves, others and the world in which they live.


To achieve this we:

  • Provide a broad and enriched curriculum, which encourages a love of learning that goes beyond what is taught.
  • Identify and foster every child’s needs, helping them reach their full potential and encouraging them to become a self-motivated learner.
  • Instil in each child an awareness of, and a caring for, the world around them and to initiate a respect for the language, customs and beliefs of other people.

At iCAN we aim to nurture learners who are:


We encourage our learners to adopt personal goals alongside academic and international goals as they continue on their learning journey. These personal goals refer to individual qualities and dispositions our children will find essential in an ever-changing world. Efforts towards achieving the goals are embedded in our curriculum and all other aspects of school life.

Here at iCAN we are all learning to be:

We understand that different people, cultures and traditions might have different views. We are able to change our ideas sometimes, and accept that this might be necessary for the best outcomes and are confident in this ability to change our ideas.  

We are able to make our opinions and intentions clear and listen to the opinions and intentions of others. We are able to do this in lots of different ways - through spoken and written word, in different contexts and for different audiences.

We work and learn together and understand that different people will have different roles in a group. This means we will be able to think about the needs of the group and work with others to meet them.

We like to find out and learn new things and make connections between new learning and other things we know and understand. This means we ask, think about and find answers to the questions that can help us find out even more.

We are able to consider the different morals and ethics of what we are learning and how these aspects of our learning influence our own morals and ethics.

We are polite and kind to everyone and the world around us. This means we understand that others have needs that are sometimes the same as ours, but sometimes different. We can understand and show respect for these needs in people, other living things and the environment.

We keep on trying when things are difficult and cope with our feelings when we might not be successful. We are able to keep going even if this happens.

Risk Takers
We are willing to try new things that might not be so easy for ourselves.

We think and reflect on our learning and experiences. This means we are able to think about issues raised by what we are learning, understand and respect the points of view of others while also considering how they impact our own lives. We are able to think about our strengths and weaknesses and how we can develop them.


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personal goals

personal goals

personal goals