Friday 19th May

Star of the week LB6 Week 5

For trying hard to be respectful and share the train and cars with other learners in the class.
For showing resilience and focus in his learning this week.
For being an amazing iCAN learner who embodies all of our personal goals. This week you have been a resilient thinker during maths and you have been a principled and respectful friend when playing with your classmates. Well done!
For being an amazing thinker during our coordinates treasure hunt. You found the treasure at super speed!

For being a principled learner in literacy and math and cooperative and respectful with your table team.
For being a respectful and principled learner, making positive choices and meaningful connections in your learning. Keep it up!
For being a super thinker in maths this week when adding decimals and using strategies learnt earlier in the year.
For being resilient and adaptable when other learners from your team where at the swim meet in Vietnam.