Friday 17th March

Star of the week LB5 Week 3




For being respectful to his friends and being a good enquirer by asking Ms.Anjali lots of questions about dinosaurs. Well done!   For being cooperative during swimming and music. And you are also being supportive with the younger learners. Well done!   For being a great communicator when telling us all about your trip to Singapore. You were also very respectful and played cooperatively with your friends during our entry point. Well done!   For being such a great thinker and listing more jobs than anybody else in the class. You were so resilient!




For being so principled and resilient in your learning this week. Well done, you should be really proud of yourself.   For being a creative thinker in Literacy and Learning Journey when using persuasive language. Brilliant ideas!   For excellent risk taking doing tricky problem solving when subtracting fractions and being a thinker to follow the steps carefully.   For asking deep and meaningful enquirer focused questions when learning about global warming in learning journey lessons.